E-Guardian — Secure Your Life!

We introduce an innovative autonomous device which may be your first step to the rescue.


Forget about charger! E-Guardian using only solar energy.

Water Resistant

Thanks to the one-piece body the wristband is protected from moisture and dust.

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Presure Resistant

You can swim and dive up to a depth of 60 meters wearing it. No similar device is offering such protection.

Global Sim-card

Non-expiring global SIM-card is already pre-installed within the device and operates in more than 200 countries.

Awesome Features

Knife can be of no use to you a thousand times, and then save your life on one thousand and first.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Jacques-Yves Cousteau Photo

Self Charging

Equipped with flexible solar cells based on nanomodified amorphous silicon along with built-in lithium polymer battery for autonomous operation in the absence of light.


Internal space is filled with a substance that protects the device against moisture, while lack of air makes it possible to dive to great depths without damaging the electronics.

Anti shoñk

External protection made from highly flexible TPE. Internal protection is based on spring steel protecting all electronic modules.


The wristband is made of hypoallergenic material - it can be worn around the clock.

Continuous elastic shell

Solidity and flexibility make the wristband very strong and at the same time eliminates the possibility of accidentally going loose under extreme conditions, such as surfing.

Stylish design

Wristband’s design is truly unique and attractive. Practical and stylish, by its unusual appearance it will certainly draw the eyes of your friends and acquaintances.

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How It Works

Let's Begin

Before starting to use the wristband, the user inputs on our web-site his/her personal information as well as details of people who can help when necessary.

Always with you

Thanks to hypoallergenic material - it can be worn around the clock and high level of external protection allows to wear it in the most extremal condition.

Easy to register

A unique web interface that we are developing will allow you to quickly and easily register yourself and your family.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Easy to Activate

The wristband is easily operated with just one button which activates the device when necessary.

To Activate

Press the button for 3 or more seconds and it will alive! When activated, the device starts working in interval mode, frequency depending on pre-setup settings.

To Deactivate

Press it again for 3 or more seconds to deactivate.

Your first step to the rescue

All signals from the device are instantly uploaded to the server which automatically alerts friends, neighbors and relatives indicated at the time of activating the service.


Alerts via phone call, SMS or email will be delivered to your family without delay.


All users within 5 kilometer range will receive alert and will see your geo-location on the map.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Be safe

Life and health of our loved ones the most valuable thing we have. Together, we will take care of them.

Our Mission

To create truly high-quality item that will last you for many years.

Getting Closer

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uHope — Anyone can be a Hero

Additionally, we also cooperate with Uhope – mobile app for the community of people caring for the problems of others and always ready to help.

Your friends and close ones may be too far away to help you immediately. In this case, the application Uhope will send sms to all application users within 5 kilometer range. The users receiving this alert will see geo-location of the victim on the map, emergency contact information and route. Volunteers track on the map where the help is right now and who is racing to the rescue in real-time mode.

uHope app screenshop

Meet the team!

We have been working on E-Guardian development for about 6 month and become a second family.

Of course the E-Guardian team bigger! We are appreciated efforts of designers, engineers and production managers who involved in process of creation.

Olex Kim

Olex Kim

Co-founder, CEO

KSPU Magister degree in Management
OSMU Bachelors degree in Marine biology

In a world filled with gimmicks, exaggerated claims, overblown promoters and outright deception, Olex Kim stands apart from the hype. He believes that a device that could save your life is more valuable than a bracelet that counts how many steps you've done.

Steve Levine

Steve Levine

Co-founder, CFO.

Legal Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz

With his strong financial background, he acting as business and strategy developer. Without Steve we would not be able to develop our project.

Aida Sinitcina

Aida Sinitcina


New brands starting and creative specialist, marketing and business analyst.

Living in a fast and unexpected world, where nanotechnologies guide our life, we have the grate opportunity to create smart device which governable by natural forces. Now we can trust safety of our hostages and ourselves to the most complete and ergonomic equipment. Our bracelet is a tandem of science and nature to give the real sense of security.


We chose the most frequently asked questions.

If you do not find the answer, please contact us on the form which resides below.

Can the wristband send its signal while underwater?

No, one must ascend to the surface to send the signal.

Can third parties access my geo-location?

No, the device is turned off until you choose to activate it.

How long can the wristband work?

This depends on intervals of sending the signal. On the average, when the interval is set to “once every hour” the device will be able to recharge itself.

Are there additional costs involved?

The price already includes 1 year subscription.

You will be charged $1.99 per month for each device as of the second year of the subscription.

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